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Don’t leave your experiences in the hands of luck, enjoy and extract the most from this beautiful City and its surroundings. Make it the best part of your vacation.

WHAT IS TOURINGBARCELONA.COM? is a unique way to experience this beautiful city, Barcelona, and its surrounding regions. This is my private website where I show and offer private tours.

 I’m a licensed tour guide, or Official Tour Guide as we say here. On this website, you’ll find a selection of some of the most interesting places to visit in Barcelona and Catalonia. The selection of tours that are here on display, is going to expand through time, if you want to visit a place that’s not displayed, don’t hesitate asking.

 Why booking your tour with Because you’ll get a reliable and knowledgeable guide, someone that cares about you and that will share a unique experience you won’t forget.

 Are you going to visit La Sagrada Familia and you’re looking for a local licensed tour guide? You’re at the right place. I’m a local licensed tour guide and it will be a pleasure to share, with you my knowledge throughout the tour.

 Are you looking for a certain type of cuisine? I can recommend you some delicious local cuisine.

 Do you need to get an inside of the hotels and their location for comfort or convenient logistics? Just ask, the better you can plan in advance, the greater the experience will become. is also about getting people connected, so your needs and desires can become accomplished with ease. A fast and easy way to find what you’re looking for, is asking. If what you’re looking for is to enjoy your trip, the sooner you start browsing this site, the easier your choices will become. is about making sure you won’t leave this place without loving it.


 Hi, I’m your tour guide, let me introduce myself by briefly explaining my background and how did I get here, let’s start from the latest. I’m a Local Licensed Tour Guide and I love it, I’m very passionate about showing, to the people of the world, the beauty of Barcelona and its surroundings.

 I was born Here, in Barcelona, and grew up in the northern mountains, next to the border with France. Have been educated in an English school, travelled and lived in various countries, which have earned me not only experience, but also empathy and flexibility to understand and adapt to people by understanding their unique circumstances and needs. After that, I settled back in this city, Barcelona, as I decided to become a tour guide, an ambassador of my heritage.

This website is created by me, design, content and photography. Also, I have translated it to the languages that I make tours with. Its goal is to transmit the beauty of these places, hoping you’ll choose

 I hope that you have a nice stay, and that you enjoy your time here. 

 Yours sincerely,