In this day tour, you’ll discover Dalí, one of the most influential artists of Modern Art, his unique museum and his hometown. If you are an art enthusiast, this is a unique way to understand, not only Salvador Dalí, but also Modern Art and why is it so important to art’s history.

The duration of this tour can be modified to suit your preferences.

Salvador Dalí

This truly unique and remarkable artist is one of a kind. Not only he deeply influenced Modern Art, but also has a very unconventional history that’s worth understanding. His art and interests are very varied, but necessarily tied, converging in a unique world of his own that he managed to preserve very well for the world to discover. 

Dalí's Museum

Located in Figueres, Dalí’s home town, this is a one of it’s kind museum. A very special one, conceived in a unique way by Dalí to let visitors decide it’s order, presenting a unique opportunity for you to make Dali’s world your own world. Discover one of the most important artists of Modern Art and his unique vision of the world through this museum.


This is a very beautiful, warming and interesting city, a true gem. It’s Mediterranean style and well preserved old town will charm you right from the beginning and it’s one of the most impressive in Europe. It’s also host of the popular Game of Thrones, if you’re a fan of this TV show, you can’t miss this experience.

Spend your day on this fantastic tour full of places to discover away from the crowds. Although this is a very well known town and it’s often visited by many, you’ll rarely find masses gathering in the sites that we’ll be visiting.

This tour does not require tickets or entrance fees in Girona. However, you might want to visit some insides like churches or the cathedral that do require entrance fees, you can opt and pay on the spot.

Duration 9h*

  • Taste Figueres world’s unique bread.
  • This tour requires transportation.


· It’s recommended to depart Barcelona well before 8am to avoid traffic and long queues.

· This tour is available all days of the year.

 · There are some recommended attractions in this area that require tickets. You can opt and pay on the spot.

· Some traditional restaurants might require a reservation.

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Dalí Museum · Girona

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Touring Barcelona



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Tickets for Dalí’s museum are free for children under 15.

Touring Barcelona


This tour requires private transportation.

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Touring Barcelona


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Touring Barcelona

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