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1 Personal and fiscal liable information of this website

This website,, belongs to Aleix Fontanet Herrero, ID card 47649923h.

Liable fiscal address of this website: Av. Mare de Déu de Montserrat 156, 08041, Barcelona.

Contact: Tel: 0034-644763945


2 source of income’s revenue is by offering tours.


At tour services can be contracted, if you’re an enterprise willing to have a commercial partnership, you can contact through the email.


3 Features of the services or goods


The tours are services provided by through the pages which links are in the following URLs:

Additionally, a tailor-made tour can be requested and approved through the contact forms on this website, as well as sending a request message to

Every service contracted through the given URLs, the document/s and information will be forwarded through email.

· What is a tour and what does it constitute?

-A tour is a guided visit of places or areas of interest, offering explanations about the history and facts about the visited places.


Trough’s contract form, a commercial conversation that ends with a contract formalisation can be engaged.

This contracts are tailor-made depending on the needs and will consist of an accepted document, in the form of an email, by both sides.

4 Prices


The net price of the tours are the ones marked on the Prices page, as well as the tours that are offered at, and they exclude the prices for the tickets, transportation, food and or any extra request from the user/client that contracts a tour through In other words, the price marked at every tour page or Prices page is the price for the guided tour, excluding tickets, transportation and any service or good that is not strictly guidance. The total price of the tour packages is subject to variables, such as the chosen type of transportation and the amount of tickets needed regarding the amount of people taking part of the contracted tour, as well as the change of prices of the tickets and transportation, as they are set by those third parties management policies.

TRANSPORTATION does not charge extra money nor get extra income from the transportation services, the prices are subject to the companies providing the services.

Tickets does not charge extra money nor get extra income from the admission tickets such as museum tickets, the prices are subject to the companies providing the services.


5 Cancellations


Cancellations will not be refunded, they may be rescheduled if there’s availability. However, a cancelled a service due to force majeure such as an injury that makes the service unfeasible, by presenting a valid and official notification of the unfortunate event, a refund may be applied, excluding the charges made to by the payment method selected by the client or the person requesting and contracting the service.


The cancelation fees will be subject to the contracted method of transportation by the contractor of the service, as does not charge extra money nor get extra income from the transportation services, the prices are subject to the companies providing the services.


Tickets may not be refundable. However, if they are refundable, the cancelation fees will be subject to the ticket providers, as does not charge extra money nor get extra income from the admission tickets such as museum tickets, the prices, cancellation and refund policies of the tickets are subject to the companies providing the services.


An email must be sent at with the following information:

– Name, email and the requested service.

-Cause of cancelation.


6 payment methods

 The payment methods at are credit card and Stripe.


 Regarding payments with debit or credit cards, uses Stripe as an online payment method, whose company name is Stripe, Inc., and it’s details and information can be found at:

 Accepted cards are Ames, Visa and mastercard.

 Bank comissions of the paymen method are included in the price, will not be responsible of any extra charges.


7 services

 The services will be provided at the requested time of the tour, and will last until the contracted service time is finished. In case of a force majeure such as closure of the selected museums and monuments, as an example, without further notice, an option to visit another place will be provided by the tour guide, however the tour will not be refunded.


8 Languages

 All commercial communication with, to become valid, must be done in neutral English, Spanish, Catalan or Japanese. Any ambiguity due to vocabulary differences in different geographic areas should be clarified by the user.

 Communication in Japanese must be simple, or at least, common enough to make sure there’s no miscomuinication, nor the intention of the user to miss communicate. Vocabulary and grammar ambiguity must be clarified by the user.

9 Warranties


 Guided tours don’t have warranties. However, will commit to an effort to provide the best service possible.

10 Duration of the contract


 The contract for the service duration will last until the end of the contracted tour.

11 Functionality of the services


 Tours will be given through speech. The language of the tour can not be demanded in other languages than English, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese or French.

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