Discover a young Pablo Ruiz and how he came to become Picasso while walking through one of the most interesting and well preserved gothic quarters in Europe, the area where he lived while studying in Barcelona. Get to know a lot about both and their many interesting stories and secrets through this fantastic tour.

The tour finishes with a visit at Picasso’s Museum, where you’ll discover an unknown young Picasso and how he became the father of Modern Art. This is arguably the most interesting tour in the city.

The duration of this tour can be modified to suit your preferences.

Old Town

Formerly known as the Cathedral Quarter, this is arguably the most beautiful part of the city, you’ll feel like you’re right back in the middle ages. You won’t believe how many interesting places andstories this area has to offer.


He is the most influential artist of all times, his natural talent and skill, at a very young age, earned him the admiration of the most proficient artists in Barcelona. Discover the history of a young artist, how he perceived the world and how did he manage to create, for the first time in history, an art that wasn’t developed in any school, Modern Art. A truly fascinating history that will enhace further your interest in art.

The Museum

This is the oldest and the only Picaso Museum that was opened while he was alive. With more than four thousand works from the artist, this is the biggest collection of the young Pablo before becoming Picasso. It offers a unique chance to understand his evolution, and to witness the great talent he possessed since he was a young kid, a unique experience that will amaze you.

The museum is placed in the heart of the Borne, in the old town district, throughout various middle age reformed palaces.

Duration 2h 30m*

  • Bring comfortable footwear for walking.
  • The tour ends in a very interesting area full of handcraft shops.


·9:30 h to 18:30 h

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·1 January

·1 May

·24 June

·25 December

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Old Town · Picasso

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